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2012-09-29 08:09 pm



Oh god it hurts so much. Why does it hurt so much?

*Alastair tries to wrap the duvet around himself for comfort but freezes as the pain in his arms explodes. He opens his eyes, which thankfully aren't quite so stiff and sore, and looks around the bedroom, powerless to move. He knows who is to blame for this, who will he be calling to shout at when he finally regains easy movement in his limbs and face. In the meantime, he needs sympathy.*

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2012-09-01 01:08 pm

1pm, spare room in Speaker's House

*After a few hours of drifting in and out of consciousness, Alastair comes to his senses and sits up in a strange bed. At once he remembers the main event of last night - the wolf that tried to eat him - but not the details. He doesn't know how he came to be here but it's peaceful enough, and mostly he's grateful to still have all his limbs intact, even if they are aching badly.

Beside the bed he finds a mug of something cold alongside a note from John, explaining where he is and recommending he ask Sally if there's anything he needs. Eyeing the drink, he decides it probably can't hurt and takes a few experimental sips. The pain of his bruises starts to fade and he gulps down the rest gratefully.

So, last night's rescue party was successful on the rescue side of things, at least. But did they catch the wolf? Something's nagging away at the back of Alastair's sedated mind, something about the creature itself. How did he come to be running away from it in the first place..?

He was round Peter's, helping him redecorate. The penny drops. It wasn't a wolf, they said, it was a werewolf. Peter. He mutters to himself.* Fucksake Mandelson, this is extreme even for you. *He looks for and eventually finds his phone; the screen is badly cracked. There is a bank of texts from Fiona, which he ignores. He tries calling first Peter, then John, but neither yields an answer. Instead he hauls himself out of bed and goes to see if Mrs Bercow can be persudaded to make lunch.*